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December 14, 2011


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I am a 78 year old Granny living in Durban, South Africa, and would like to wish Jonny all the very best for his future career. I have always watched Jonny with his wonderful kicking ability and am a big fan! Best wishes in France.

Interesting. I have long felt the same way that Wilko does; though, even so, I find I too often fall short of achieving my ideals.

It idea started many years ago and was prompted by my own psychic experiences as well as psychedelic journeys. Then one day early in our relationship, a friend and sometimes mentor, that I suppose could be referred to as a Native American Medicine man (he was recognized as such by his tribe) accurately told me some things about myself in a humerous, yet cutting, manner. I thought these things were personal secrets. He responded, chuckling, that "It's all right there in front of you". That clinched it.

For the past 25 years I have lived with the thought that everything I have done or thought is potentially known to everyone else at some level; even if that level is instinctual.

I know it might sound like a schizophrenic paranoia nightmare to live that way and that it would be cause difficulties in daily affairs. Actually it isn't, other than occasional painful self awareness and questioning when I have (or might have) acted badly. Also, there is sometimes a hesitation to speak out or act until I have assessed my own motives. These issues are not as exagerated, or negative, as they might appear.

Overall, it is refreshing and reassuring and brings with it a sense of lightness, freedom and cleanliness.

At any rate, I do think that many of the woes of this world are caused by people who neither self reflect nor stop to consider consider how they impact or appear to others. A lot of this failure is because people do believe they can keep dark secrets from others.

This is offtopic but here are some things you might find interesting:




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  • ‘I have noticed that if a small group of intelligent people, not supposed to be impressed by psychic research, get together and such matters are mentioned, and all feel that they are in safe and sane company, usually from a third to a half of them begin to relate exceptions. That is to say, each opens a little residual closet and takes out some incident which happened to them or to some member of their family, or to some friend whom they trust and which they think odd and extremely puzzling.’ Walter Prince, psychic researcher.

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