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January 29, 2013


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For a good appraisal (up to about 1996) of lab studies across a number of areas, then Dean Radin's book "The Conscious Universe" might be a good place to start. One would simply have to read around Radin's references and work your way out from there.

As for up till the present - as you know I lost touch with the field for a little while. But any of Chris Carter's efforts might help as a starting point.




thanks for the reach-out, robert. i'm curious to see what turns-up.

Chris carter's books have a lot of this info.

anything on the net that can be readily shared ?

It would be great to have comprehensive and reliable list on the internet. Too often, when someone asks, "Where's the evidence" or asks us for sources, we have to do some tedious searching before we can come up with something. Having a specific website to direct people to would be much more useful and less time-consuming.

I agree Michelle however what is the problem with referring them to a book?

I have acquired most of my knowledge (such as it is)of the subject from books. Books I had to research and find, or borrow, or were given to me.

Often the people you are referring to are not prepared to get off their arses and do some research. If you present them with information on the web, they simply google a contradictory view and paste that lol - net result: no change.

If there is a genuine desire to learn, people will make the effort. If there isn't then no amount of cutting it up into little pieces and dropping it in when they are breathing in the right direction will help.

Paul, I see a value to good info on the web. It's where people tend to start researching. Investing in a book would be the next stage, once their interest has been caught and they want more detailed info.

I take your point, but if the web info is well put together, and takes full account of sceptical come-backs, then there might be a point to it.

Also the books tend to be quite personal in their selections of what their authors think is interesting/relevant. It would be good if there was one central source one could go to, to get a sense of what the psi community generally agrees is good evidence, and without too much authorial comment.

Just thinking aloud here!

I had thought of one day compiling such a list, but thought that this had already been widely done. Seems perhaps not!

"I agree Michelle however what is the problem with referring them to a book"?
- Paul

I read a lot of books (both print and electronic), and browse a ton of websites and blogs. I want the whole enchilada.
A web based clearinghouse would be better than a book because a website is more accessible, at a lower cost (oftentimes free) to the consumer.
Distribution is more efficient, and to wider cross section of humanity.
A website can be updated and corrected in real time.

Sadly, I suspect that if a website existed to provide the information Robert is looking for, we would know about it by now. It would be hugely popular, and linked to so often that it would come up as number one in any search engine query for paranormal topics, and related subtopics.

Anybody feeling adventurous? Please hurry! I'm holding my breath. :-)

The most comprehensive source to date is probably Lexscien (http://www.lexscien.org/lexscien/index.jsp) but it’s subscription-based.

The International Remote Viewing Association has a good RV bibliography online at

The Qigong Institute has about 8,000 abstracts on intent-based healing and distant mental interactions with living systems at http://www.qigonginstitute.org/shopping/search.php (free, searchable)

And a searchable index of about 12,000 files on consciousness-related anomalies research, that was compiled then released by the CIA, is available on our website - courtesy of Tamara Temple, who took the time to organize these documents a few years back.
See https://sites.google.com/a/mindmattermapping.org/mmmp/star-gate-archive-index to browse the index files – for the full text docs you’ll need to contact Tamra.

> This is a serious, heavyweight project and could take years to complete. However it's just what's needed to raise the profile of psychic research and in time it could have a real impact.<

My own two cents, based on what I’ve seen happen in this field, is that a database of this nature is a lovely project that will absorb a lot of time and resources – and at the end of the day change absolutely nothing. The primary obstacle is political, not scientific. What needs to be organized is people and ideas, not old transcripts of séances. There is a way into the mainstream, but we need to change our language.

Hope this helps ;-)
Lian Sidorov
The Mind-Matter Mapping Project/
Journal of Nonlocality

Thanks Lian, that's helpful.

'The primary obstacle is political, not scientific. What needs to be organized is people and ideas, not old transcripts of séances.'

Agreed. But making the evidence more easily accessible is a key part of that, surely.

But making the evidence more easily accessible is a key part of that, surely.

Yes - but the key is context. What do we focus on, out of that body of research, and where/how do we present it? Make psi data truly relevant to current biomedical and other research fields, like mind-body medicine, placebo effects, epigenetics, biophysics. Average Joe, Ph.D. simply can't afford to worry about mediumship, Ganzfeld or Field-REG effects - in fact should he afford to worry, he'd find himself out of a job rather soon. And Joe's political reality translates into our political reality.

I've been trying to find scientific journal articles that provide strong evidence of the paranormal to post on my website. I haven't found a place with a comprehensive database, but if you know what you're looking for you can definitely find some good info. I'll just provide links for some of the articles I've found.

1) Testing of Uri Geller and Pat Price at SRI: http://www.citicite.com/files/Uploads/128/Information%20transmission%20under%20conditions%20of%20sensory%20shielding.pdf

2)Ganzfeld experiments using students from Julliard school of performing arts: http://media.noetic.org/uploads/files/Ganzfeld_Juliard_Study_Journal_of_American_Society_for_Psychical_Research_1992.pdf

3) Jessica Utts' paper detailing meta-analysis of the ganzfeld experiments of the late 80's. I like how she describes the procedure used in the experiments very thoroughly: http://www.ics.uci.edu/~jutts/UttsStatPsi.pdf

4) Corroboration of the Dentures anecdote. This, of course, is one of the strongest NDE cases involving veridical perception during a time when the brain could not have been active: http://www.multimarket.nl/sites/default/files/pdf/jndsdentureman.pdf

If anybody knows some more good journal articles which are available for free to anyone online, let me know :)

Daniel Neiman

It's not a bad question, but a list that purports to outline "...all the published papers (peer reviewed and such) that provide evidence (greater than chance results, etc.) of what we've taken to call the paranormal" would include a lot of material that is hard to acess or inaccessible to most of its readers. I thus do not believe that it would be worth the effort. Copyright violations ad infinitum may also provoke lawsuits and journal articles can be a bit too dry for many. That said, I am big fan of the SPR Abstracts Catalog (which Robert McLuhan co-authored). For most interested books should be enough, for those that want more an account at Lexscien will provide access to far more material than they are likely to read. There also exists a number of bibliographies that are of use during initial investigations (e.g., http://www.parapsychology.org/dynamic/060302.html). These are however just my thoughts and I am not known as an optimist.

These are interesting. Penny Sartori's corroborated verdical OBE.

The post it note case got even more interesting when Dr Roberto Amado Cattaneo confirmed that Dr Rudy's recollection was fact.. just as it happened. Catteneo was the surgical assistant to Rudy and researchers are following up on it. This confirms that cases like the dentures and Al Sullivan etc are not urban legends but 'proof' that something can exist discarnately.


I like this paper which of course is not hard evidence but is certainly highly suggestive.


There are many web sites but I have great regard for Victor Zammit's collection of sources over many years. He is an Australian lawyer who clallenged Randi to prove there was NO life after death. He can send a weekly newsletter. www.victorzammit.com


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