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Psi Encyclopedia Open for Business

As some readers will know already, the Psi Encyclopedia is now online!

The address is

It can also be reached by


Michael Prescott kindly introduced it here

In response to some early comments on his blog, I’ve discussed the question of bias, and the extent to which sceptical material is, or should be, included in articles. I expect there’ll be some changes in response to feedback, at some point.


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Jolly well done, our Robert. And lovely to hear from you again. :)

I was very pleased when I saw this earlier. It has been very hard work for everyone involved at that hard work has paid off! Well done.

Finally, the long anticipated Psi Encyclopedia is online! I have been delving into random articles, and I'm impressed. The content quality is much more engaging than I expected, yet informative, which I assumed it would be. The meticulous planniing, care and hard work shows.
I'm looking forward to spending a great deal of my future free time reading virtually every entry. I know this is an ongoing project, so I'm heartened to know that there will always be something new to learn by simply staying in touch with this long-overdue, and much needed web resource. Thank you Robert, and everybody involved!

So...does this mean that we can anticipate more Paranormalia blog entries in the near future? You know that's a question on every one of your followers (fans) minds.

Congratulations in getting this launched. Great work and I look forward to wasting many hours there.

Congratulations, Robert! I just checked out the article on precognition and already I'm impressed and grateful. What exactly is your role in this project?

Thanks all!

Yes, hope to get back to blogging soon now (I know I always say that, but this time...)

The article on precognition was kindly given to us by Bob Rosenberg of the Esalen Center where it was first published. What's my role? Pretty much everything except the technical development, ie planning and design, commissioning, and editing. So if something's wrong it'll be my fault :)

Hi Robert - is there some way to subscribe so I am notified by email as new articles are added?

Robert said:

"What's my role? Pretty much everything except the technical development."

I *thought* that was the case, so I was a little surprised to see you listed on the contributors page in the same list as those who are merely submitting articles. (Even if your profile does clarify your role at the end.)

Good point. I've added a mention in the About page. Eventually, there'll be an enlarged biog page for each contributor.

The Psi Encyclopedia looks really good. Lots of reading to do!

A top-class, authentic and much-needed resource for those interested in the psychical research.

My heartfelt thanks to all who conceived the idea and are now giving it the concrete shape.

Is there any particular evidence that you've documented in the Psi Encyclopedia that you feel is most convincing of Psi and/or the afterlife, Robert?

Well now, Julie. A personal pick would be the material on Leonora Piper

I'm also impressed by the research around young children who 'remember a previous life' - there are articles, and this list of summaries:

near-death experiences, of course:

That's for starters. The RV material is quite convincing too, imo - that article is in preparation.

But I do think you have to get close up to the research, and spend a bit of time with it. The point of the encyclopedia is not necessarily to persuade, more to provide an introduction.

Hope all is well with you!


All is fine with me, thank you, Robert. :)

Today I've been enjoying a gentle sojourn around the new encyclopedia and have found much of interest to make me a frequent visitor.

From link-to-link I was led to the work of William Thomas Stead and, thereafter, found links to online copies of books relating to his work. One in particular, The Blue Island, resonated with me: A simply fascinating read and wholly consonant with my intuitions about the afterlife.

I'll certainly follow your links above and look forward to visiting this encyclopedia regularly in the future.

Once again, thanks Robert, for all your efforts in bringing this material together for the benefit of posterity. I believe your efforts are more worthy than you imagine. :)

I know you are busy and this project is new but regarding C. E. M. Joad there is a review of his work in the SPR journal that discovered that Joad had lied about attending seances that he had not been present at among other things.

In the Richard Morris biography of Harry Price there is also other negative things about Joad, yet these things are not mentioned on the article.

As for Oliver Lodge he was on record for claiming the stage magician David Devant was a genuine psychic. He also claimed the muscle reader/magician Washington Bishop Irwin had telepathic powers.

Lodge also claimed that stage performer acts such the Zancigs could perform genuine telepathy. Such embarrassing things seemed to be been filted out from the encyclopedia. We are told how 'great' these psychical researchers are but nothing negative.

I notice there's not much mention of Swedenborg, Robert. Is he not regarded as significant in this area? I've always had something of a fascination for his work. In case you haven't seen the interview below:

Hope the link works. :)

In case the above link doesn't work, please try this:

If Robert doesn't object, may I ask if anyone else here has any thoughts/opinions on the work/ideas of Swedenborg?

Julie, this reminds me that I didn't answer your earlier query!

Yes there should certainly be something about Swedenborg in the Encyclopedia. Am working on it!

You're a Superstar, our Robert! :)

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